The Board of Directors of Thuan Phong Agricultural Product Processing Company Limited commits: "Employees working at the company are fully entitled to all benefits according to the provisions of law: Labor Law, Health Insurance Law, Unemployment insurance and state regulations related to workers' regimes and rights.
Thuận phong vui chơi
Thuận phong vui chơi
Thuận phong vui chơi
Thuận phong vui chơi

1. Pay 100% labor safety insurance for mechanical, electrical and basic construction workers.

2. Receive 100% support from the company in paying social insurance.

3. Travel domestically and internationally depending on your performance at the company.

4. Workers are provided with group housing or rented accommodation of 200,000 VND/person/month.

5. Encourage employees to participate in internal engagement activities, health and spiritual care.

6. 100% tuition support for children of workers studying at College and University.

7. Receive support when your family encounters difficult circumstances, support for treatment costs when health insurance does not fully pay for treatment costs.

8. Receive support to build charity houses for officials and employees in extremely difficult circumstances.

9. There is a kindergarten at the company for employees to send their children to.

10. Female employees who have worked at the company for more than 2 years when giving birth will be supported by the Company with an additional 3 months salary/birth.

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